Lucie Lynch: We were all born with a song, we just need to sing it.


Welcome to Lucies life. Its a journey full of amazing surprises, magic and miracles.

My Name is Lucie Lynch and I am an international singer and songwriter, traveling poet and magic seeker. I was born and raised in Germany and studied music and theater in Hamburg. After writing and performing my one woman show for 4 years all over Germany, I decided to embark on an adventure around the globe. It all started with a dream in 2005 where I flew around the head of the Statue of Liberty and it said: It´s about time that you come home! Somehow I knew it was true and so I left my brand new apartment that my parents just bought for me, said good-bye to my boyfriend, gave away most of my belongings and followed my dream. I felt ready to enchant audiences all over the world with my original music and poetry. I packed my backpack and my guitar, and everything unfolded in a beautiful way. I started my travels in Europe, visited New York, San Franzisco, Australia and New Zealand before I found my final destination Hawaii. There I married my soulmate in 2011. Five years on the road - I was ready to settle down. It took me some time to adjust to the bureaucracy that you face as an immigrant and I think without my gift of song I would have given up very early. Music is my magic wand: it opens doors, heals wounds, gives hope and can lift us higher then we imagine.

Wow, isn´t that amazing and inspiring how Lucie followed that VOICE in her dream, not knowing what it really meant or how it would turn out? Imagine you would do this? How would the life of your dream look like? Can you allowed your self to discover this?

This path wasn´t always easy and until now life is testing Lucie daily. She never gives up. All her love, power and believe is going into her dream, her true calling. When she gets lost, she never stops to search for the one and only thing that will bring her back on track. Life and her results are reflecting, this is the way to go. I love to see how she started performing in private living rooms and street cafes and day by day her audience get´s bigger and the amount of her followers world wide is growing constantly. I witnessed, when Lucie relaxes, trusts her self and fully follows her heart magic comes into her life. Her newest magical experience for example is her creative partnership with Marcia Ziba Mager a 61 year old bestseller author. Lucie read Marcia´s book when she was a Teen and carried it with her since then. Many years later they met. Beginning of 2015 Lucie and Marcia wrote a musical together, „MONEY TALKS but what the hell is it saying“. They are performing in Hawaii and soon beyond. Inspired by the show they just published one book out of three. The impact they have is outstanding.

Since I know Lucie her business is growing very organically and constantly. She is taking step by step, planting her seeds of success wisely by allowing to listen to her self, allowing to follow her impulses, allowing to follow her energy and by selecting options, also by saying „no“ to things and people who hold her back or come into her way. I believe in Lucie´s gift and here true calling for this life. She touches our souls. I am thankful to assist her to spread her magical sounds and words. We will start with a Tour in Germany in 2016. Stay tuned.